Terrasos is a specialized company in the structuring and operation of environmental investments. Our work is centered around four major areas: biodiversity offsets and investments, impact analysis, development of intervention strategies and information management. Our work is grounded in the principle that sustainable development entails a balance between the  economic, social and environmental functionality of the land. We collaborate with private and public entities in the design and implementation of strategies towards natural resources management and sustainability. 

Who we are

We seek to impact the projects to which we engage. We participate in initiatives with sustainable business models. We provide counselling and work closely together with organizations that want to support the sustainable development of the territories.


We draw from the analysis of the economic, social, environmental and cultural functionality to design and implement real and concrete solutions. We work by principles of clarity, depth, interdisciplinarity, collaboration and transformation. Our team is constituted by experts in the subjects of environment, natural resources, public policy and business management, land and territorial planning and information management.       


Our team is accounted for its national and international experience and its work with public and private entities, as well as with non-profit organizations.


What we do


Environmental investments and offsets

Impact measurement and analysis

Information management

Project formulation and intervention strategies

Our team

Mariana is an environmental policy and strategies specialist.  She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management from Yale University and earned her degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Tulane University. She has over 8 years of experience in the development and implementation of environmental sustainability strategies for businesses, governments and communities in Latin America and the United States.
Luz Marina is an environmental administrator and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management. She has over 10 years of experience managing projects related to the use and conservation of biodiversity. She has specific experience in mandatory environmental investments and environmental compensations for businesses of the regulated sector in Colombia, as well as in developing technical documents for decision making.
Eduardo is a lawyer and historian with a specialization in administrative and environmental law. He served as a senior associate of the Brigard & Urrutia Natural Resources & Environment Team, and has advised various companies on environmental responsibility and legal management matters with government authorities (mainly in consultation with communities). Eduardo is a partner / founder of the firm Del Valle Mora Abogados.
Alfredo is a biologist from the Universidad de los Andes with a master's degree focused on Botany from the same University. Expert in ecological restoration in tropical ecosystems. He has more than ten years of experience applying his knowledge to environmental planning processes, implementation of management plans in the field and administration of productive properties.
Alexis is an economist, chemist and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management. He has over 8 years of professional experience in environmental issues, mainly in the implementation of economic instruments for environmental and climate change management. In addition, he is experienced in environmental compensations, payments for ecosystem services and corporate sustainability projects for public and private enterprises.
Sebastián is a geographer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with an acute interest in conservation procedures and territorial planning aimed at sustainable development. His work is aimed at performing spatial analysis, producing cartographical material at different levels and collecting and structuring geographical information (i.e. Geodatabase). He is experienced in modeling conservations scenarios, mainly in the Colombian region of Orinoquía, and in developing social mapping.
Antonio is a business administrator and holds a Master's Degree in Development Management and Practice from the Universidad de los Andes. He has more than 10 years of experience in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of strategies and projects with the public sector, associations and in community and environmental projects, as well as in quantitative and qualitative analysis, relationship with interest groups, identification of lessons learned , design of sustainable strategies and management systems.
Francisco is a Cadastral Engineer and Geodest, Master in Geography, He is a specialist in spatial analysis and Geographic Information Systems. His experience has revolved around territorial analysis and its application in areas such as biodiversity conservation, rural development and human rights. He has worked as a consultant and advisor in public institutions, private sector, NGOs and higher education institutions integrating specialized information and local knowledge
Verónica holds a degree in Public Administration from ESAP and she specialized in Corporative Managerial Control at Universidad Externado. She has over 12 years of experience managing financial and administrative processes at a managerial level in various economic sectors of Colombia. She has led growing business by contributing to its strengthening and organizational sustainability.
Mauricio is a biologist from Universidad EAFIT, he is passionate about the study of neotropical bats. He is experienced in performing inventories and monitoring of mammals by means of not only traditional sampling methodologies, but also genetic methods such as DNA Barcoding and Metabarcoding. The object of his work is to use these innovative approaches to perform long-term monitoring of biodiversity and to create high quality knowledge from his observations. He also has experience establishing and managing Civil Society Nature Reserves.  
José is an industrial engineer with MBA studies. His experience has focused on designing operational and financial strategies, as well as in budget planning, analysis and monitoring, corporative reporting and indicators. He stands out for his ability to understand complex business procedures, perceive the needs of internal and external clients and encourage transformation to improve efficiency in administrative and financial processes.
Alejandra is a cadastral engineer and geodesist specialized in spatial analysis. She is experienced in studying and managing the physical, judicial and fiscal components of cadasters, as well as performing spatial analysis of the land and mapping from secondary sources, field collected data and remote sensing (geographic data management). She has participated in projects related to the acquisition, management and arrangements of property rights by means of GIS for the hydrocarbon sector.  
Wilson is a forestry engineer with MBA studies. He is experienced in elaborating, managing and coordinating projects that seek to recover, preserve and sustainably manage renewable natural resources.  He has been a consultant, inventor and executing leader in various projects of rural development and environmental compensation. He has a wide expertise in GIS analysis and modeling, development of baseline survey, landscape ecology, ecologic recovery, forestry, environmental education, community outreach and dialogue, and skills in leading interdisciplinary teams.
Valentina is a biologist from EAFIT University, interested in the conservation of neotropical mammals and the dissemination of scientific knowledge. She has experience in mammalian inventories and monitoring, phylogenetic analysis, and construction and interpretation of ecological niche models. She has also experience in the constitution and administration of Natural Reserves of Civil Society, and possess complementary studies in environmental law and climate finance. She has participated in the design and development of strategies for participatory monitoring of fauna and flora within the framework of biodiversity offsets.
Adriana holds a degree of hotel management and possess studies in Industrial Engineering. She has over 7 years of experience in budget management, administrative areas, human resources, quality systems, customer service, sales, and filing and registration tasks. She has extensive knowledge of MS Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). She has worked in projects of different regional offices of Ecopetrol for important engineering companies.
Sara is an Industrial Engineer and Political Scientist from Universidad de Los Andes. She has a passionate interest in biodiversity conservation, protection of fauna and flora and the decarbonization of the economy. Her experience has been oriented to the development of financial analysis for strategic planning and project management; and she has also experience in management of development projects and analysis of international cooperation scenarios in Colombia.
Claudia is a Public Accountant graduated from the Uniminuto Corporation. She has over 11 years of experience in companies of the agricultural and manufacturing sector, taking care of obligations related to taxes, developing reports and requirements for various governmental entities, and participating in audits of internal and external documentation for the execution and presentation of Financial Statements. Additional knowledge in finance, portfolio and payroll.

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