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Terrasos launches the new Habitat Banks accelerator, for the conservation of biodiversity in the country.
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Cloud Forest Habitat Bank - The Globe. Thames, Antioch.

Habitat Banks are a mechanism that have been incorporated in several countries that have proven to make environmental compensation processes more efficient, to the extent that they facilitate compliance and, at the same time, improve control and surveillance by environmental authorities. . Habitat Banks are also an opportunity for the country to generate environmental public policy instruments that can translate into opportunities for rural development and protection of natural resources.

This compensation mechanism implements actions for the preservation, improvement or restoration of ecosystems to offset the negative impacts on biodiversity and thus give them financial sustainability over time. By operating under the principle of payment for results, they stimulate a local economy that attracts investment, promotes employment, increases productivity in rural areas and improves the efficiency and quality of environmental compensation.

It is this opportunity Terrasos presents its new Accelerated Habitat Banks, a new strategy to support owners, organizations and companies in the registration, financing and operation of conservation projects that are interested in becoming Habitat Banks in Colombia.

For Mariana Sarmiento, CEO of Terrasos, the Habitat Banks are a business model and biodiversity conservation, with which it seeks to mediate the obligations and commitments of environmental compensation, allowing companies and people to be carbon neutral, positive nature and contribute with compliance with international political environmental agendas.

Through this mechanism, the aim is to promote a Biodiversity Credit market, a business model in Colombia designed for the conservation of biodiversity, where environmental investments are structured and operated in the country.

With the creation of this accelerator, Terrasos seeks to involve more actors in this business model in Colombia. Private sector investment in this economic model is valuable for the sake of creating more sustainable ecosystems economically, over time and in environmental conservation.

Today Terrasos has the support of the IDB and the Partnership for Forests program of the British government, in order to achieve the goal of five thousand hectares to be made available for the creation and incorporation as Habitat Banks in Colombia.

Please note the Eligibility Criteria to apply for your conservation project.

- Location and size: The project must be located in strategic ecosystems and be of considerable size to ensure significant impacts on biodiversity conservation.

- Seriousness and good reputation of the proponent: We will support proponents who have a demonstrated interest in biodiversity conservation and have a history of leading local conservation projects.

- Management of environmental and social risks: The project must demonstrate the capacity to manage environmental and social risks arising from or associated with the project.

- Additionality: We will support projects that generate additional contributions to the conservation of biodiversity.

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