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El Tigrillo Habitat Bank - Manacacías River
Water, life and well-being

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In 2023, the registration of theEl Tigrillo Habitat Bank - Manacacías River Located in themunicipality of Puerto Gaitan in itmeta department. This is part of the flood zone of the Manacacías River, so itforms various plant covers Of which the riparian and gallery forests, natural savannahs, shrublands and low flooded forests stand out.

The Habitat Bank is part of the biogeographical province of Orinoquía where you can see high plain savannah areas with hilly and high plateau landscapes, with a total area of more than560 hectares for purposes of biodiversity preservation and ecological restoration.

Thanks to its location,water is a factor of great influence for the natural flows of the ecosystems and this area, in addition to the Manacacías river, has with two tributary pipes to it, which ends up flowing into the Meta River, one of the great tributaries of the mighty Orinoco River. 

of the area

This projectIt is adjacent to one of the most important basins in the region that provide water to all lands in the northeast and part of the center of the department of Meta. Similarly, there is a large number of agricultural, agro-industrial and oil activities, which triggers socioeconomic and environmental problems.

Thanks to the heterogeneity and configuration of the landscape,it is possible to establish and maintain a high representativeness of the region's biodiversity, as well as the wide variety of functions and ecosystem services provided by the ecosystem and its biodiversity. The El Tigrillo Habitat Bank - Manacacías River represents A high value for the ecosystems, flora, fauna and communities of the area.

If your work, project or activity is located in any of the blue areas of the maps that appear on the side, you can comply with your environmental obligations derived from mandatory investments of no less than 1% or biodiversity loss offsets, both mandatory and voluntary, in this Habitat Bank.

For additional information you can contact us or leave your questions through the Contact tab.


Species of conservation importance

According to the baseline survey for the characterization of the biotic component, a120 species of birds that live in the different coverages of the Habitat Bank. Of these species, emphasis is placed on 16 due to their interest for conservation. Among these is the white-chested toucan (Ramphastos tucanus) in a vulnerable state of conservation.

As tomedium and large non-flying mammals, 10 species were recorded of which stands out theCougar (Puma concolor), heocelot (Leopardus pardalis), thetapir (terrestrial tapirus) andthe ocarro (Priodondes maximus) the last two being in a vulnerable state of conservation.

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