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Habitat Banks 

What are we looking for? 

Determine the current status of the project to be developed or under development and its needs to define the starting point for joint work.



Terrasos, within its Habitat Banks scaling strategy, has decided to support owners, organizations and companies in the registration, financing and operation of conservation projects that are interested in becoming Habitat Banks. 

Application form

Visit our form, apply your project in our accelerator, we will determine your needs and we will give you an answer soon.

Criteria for eligibility

- Location and size: The project must be located in strategic ecosystems and be of considerable size to ensure significant impacts on biodiversity conservation.

- Seriousness and good reputation of the proponent: We will support proponents who have a demonstrated interest in biodiversity conservation and have a history of leading local conservation efforts.

- Management of environmental and social risks: The project must demonstrate the capacity to manage environmental and social risks arising from or associated with the project.

- Additionality: We will support projects that generate additional contributions to the conservation of biodiversity.

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Conditions and restrictions

- The projects that apply must submit their proposals through our form until the 17th of
May 2022.

- The proposed areas must be greater than 100 hectares to be eligible.

- Due diligence will be carried out on the promoters of the pre-selected projects, as well as the projects in which the BH is intended to be implemented.

Click here to know the ingredients of a Habitat Bank.

More information via email

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