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Terrasos joins the United for the Planet Alliance to contribute to the sustainable development of Antioquia

Seeking to add wills and capacities to protect biodiversity and mitigate the environmental effects of climate change, the Alianza Unidos por el Planeta formalized the adhesion of Terrasos, the eighty-first organization that is linked to this strategy directed by the government of Antioquia and WWF Colombia, from the declaration of Climate Emergency in the department.

Terrasos, a company specializing in the structuring and operation of environmental investments, signed this adhesion to the Tropical Dry Forest Habitat Bank - Cauca River Canyon, an area for the restoration and conservation of the tropical dry forest, located in the municipality of Liborina.

"For us it is a pride to have a new ally to jointly build effective actions and projects in the face of mitigation and adaptation to climate change and advance in the mission of consolidating Antioquia as a department of sustainable and regenerative territories," said the Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Carlos Ignacio Uribe Tirado.

This Habitat Bank, Tropical Dry Forest of the Cauca River Canyon, strengthens compliance with the objectives of the United for the Planet Alliance, through preservation and restoration actions, such as planting trees, recovering degraded areas and the protection of water resources, with which it also seeks to promote sustainable rural development.

 “Today we are joining the United for the Planet Alliance, with the Cauca River Canyon Tropical Dry Forest Habitat Bank, a strategic place for adaptation to climate change, where we are going to maximize the natural capital that the wonderful municipality of Liborina has”, affirms Mariana Sarmiento, General Manager of Terrasos, an organization that currently has five habitat banks in the country.

Likewise, as part of the celebration of the accession, Terrasos and ISA Intercolombia - a company that is also part of the United for the Planet Alliance - signed the acquisition of biodiversity credits to comply  a a percentage of the obligations  compensation of the biotic component  associated with the electrical infrastructure project “Connection Antioquia – Medellín – Ancón Sur and the Transmission Lines Associated with 500/230 kilovolts and, with this, promote the conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest, one of the most threatened ecosystems in Colombia.

“For ISA, it is a priority to participate and support biodiversity conservation initiatives in the different territories where we have a presence with our energy transmission activities. And one of those initiatives is the Habitat Bank, led by Terrasos, through which we look for the best measures to protect the tropical dry forest”, says Luz Dary Perdomo, Coordinator of the Environmental and Social Project Team of ISA Intercolombia.

It should be noted that the Habitat Banks are lands where compensation requirements are added and actions for the preservation, improvement or restoration of ecosystems are implemented to compensate for negative impacts on biodiversity.

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