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Habitat Bank 

Tropical dry forest of Antioquia - Bredunco

The first Bank for the recovery of the tropical dry forest in the country (the second in Colombia and Latin America) is being structured in the department of Antioquia. With the development of this Habitat Bank, it is expected to conserve 473.76 hectares of firm land and riparian forests and restore 173.41 hectares of pastures and secondary vegetation. These objectives will be achieved by replacing artificial covers with natural covers, increasing forest covers by restoring them, conserving forest covers that are in good condition and protecting areas identified as important for water regulation. Additionally, an administrative, financial and legal structure is established for a term of 30 years to ensure the permanence of the investments.

Importance of the selected area

The Habitat Bank is located in the municipalities of Titiribí and Armenia at the mouth of the Amagá River and encompasses a significant round of the Cauca River. This area was chosen taking into account the significant presence of tropical dry forest and the possibility of generating long-term connectivity through conservation and restoration actions. Currently in the area there are important relics, which are under constant pressure in the region due to livestock and agriculture activities. These ecosystems have been preserved due to the topographic conditions of the properties, as well as the will and interest of the owners.

If your work or project is in any of the blue areas of the maps that are on the side, you can correct your environmental impacts of the compulsory water usage investment of not less than 1% or that of biotic compensations, in the Habitat Bank.


If you require additional information, you may send us your contact information, suggestions and concerns through our Contact us section.


Guarantees of the Habitat Bank - Antioquia

The Habitat Bank in Antioquia has a financial, legal and technical structure which allows it to guarantee the long-term sustainability of biodiversity offsets and investments, which include:

  • An autonomous patrimony for administration and payments to ensure efficient and transparent management of compensation resources.

  • The structuring of operation and usufruct contracts that guarantee the long-term commitment of investors and operators.

  • Gathering of baseline information in order to have a Management Plan and a Monitoring and Follow-up Plan for the different conservation and restoration actions

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