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Discover the Protocol for the Issuance of Voluntary Biodiversity Credits

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Mandatory and voluntary environmental offsets and investments.

We structure and implement environmental offsets and investment strategies under sustainability and permanence criteria.
We structure and operate Habitat Banks and other offset and investment mechanisms under payment by results schemes.

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Financial instruments for conservation.

We work on impact measurement and analysis with organizations that are interested in improving their environmental and social performance. For this purpose, follow-up on operations that may generate a significant environmental impact, as well as compliance obligations and operational controls, among other aspects.

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Knowledge management and innovation.

We elaborate reports and communication tools on elements related to environmental sustainability. Likewise, we consolidate information and work so that it reaches the recipient in a clear and engaging way.

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Evaluation, formulation and impact on environmental Public Policy.

We support the formulation of projects in areas related to the environment and sustainability as well as  the implementation of innovative solutions to meet public and private sector needs. We also support the conservation of natural spaces to safeguard the values of unique or fragile areas, protecting relevant and representative ecosystems.

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